About the Kite Brand

The brand’s name embodies all features of a kite, being a symbol of lightness, a moment of sincere joy, soaring and unlimited freedom… Wearing a backpack means having everything you need with you and having your hands free. Feeling no boundaries and burdens, sensing wings behind your back makes everything possible.

What really inspires us in making Kite backpacks is freedom of living our lives to the fullest, caring about ourselves and others, flavoring this world with beauty, joy and comfort.

Kite backpacks and stationery have been manufactured for more than ten years.

 2007  – The first Kite collections and the beginning of a glorious story. Every year we present a new collection, born from hundreds of hours of team work by experts in orthopedics, design, fabrics and stationery.

 2017   – 2017 – Kite presses on to perfection. Kite logo is redesigned. Now it’s laconic, up-to-date and looks natural on backpacks for youth and kids.

It’s important for us to constantly progress in improving our products. We are looking for new designs to make our city and school backpacks, bags, pencil cases and stationery meet our customers’ demands, make their lives better and echo in their hearts.

Principles we follow designing a new collection:

Always atop the fashion wave

Cheerful, curious, daring, romantic, vivid, defiant, stylish, active, ambitious – look how diverse our customers are, and everyone can find a Kite of his own.

Latest modern trends, fashion-forms versatility, trendy color combinations, multi-textured fabrics (polyester, PU leather, canvas, suede) and trimmings, eye-catching details including linings, zippers and sliders, crafty prints, licensed images of favorite characters on products for kids – all these are integral components of unique Kite designs.

Care and comfort

We understand that kid’s health is dependent on school backpack frame design. It’s important to minimize pressure to the child’s spine. That’s why patent orthopedic Kite backs were designed specifically for Kite school backpacks. We also believe that it’s important for adults as well as teenagers to have comfortable backpacks, regardless of their style, and we thoroughly consider this fact while designing Kite backs and straps. All Kite backpacks and bags weigh from 0.4 kg to 1 kg, which means you can pack more useful items without overloading your back.

Quality and sustainable fabrics

Special attention is paid to the selection of fabrics, which undergo wear and tear resistance tests, resulting in their looking like new for many years. Scrupulous selection of accessories prevents consumers from troubles with zippers and sliders. That’s why Kite backpacks look neat and function properly even after being actively used for a long time.

The Kite brand presents its textile collection in groups:


Handy city backpacks with simplified functionality. They are light, durable and, of course, trendy. Original models are made from canvas, textured fabrics with versatile accessories. Kite City Backpacks are designed for daily use in the city rush. For pretty girls and ladies Kite offers lightweight Beauty backpacks made of soft cloths.

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Male and female sport backpacks are meant for goal-oriented and active people whose lifestyle is mostly on the move. Most models are made with patent anatomic Air Comfort back, have spacious compartments and an adjustable breast strap to relieve stress off the spine. All these make Sport backpacks comfortable for city environment, bike trips and college.

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Exquisite trendy youth and kids’ backpacks. Fashionable eco-leather backpacks are meant for glamorous gentle ladies and daring, smart guys. Thanks to diversity of forms, exquisite combinations of colors and fabrics these accessories will become the final touch of your image. The collection features unique ladies’ textile designer collection Prima Maria and Gapchinska.

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Backpacks for ambitious students and businessmen.
Stylish men’s business backpack with extended functionality will allow to place and organize quite a number of gadgets and accessories. It is perfectly designed not only for daily use, but also for a business trip and travel. Much attention is paid to the products’ ergonomics, form, fabrics quality and accessories.

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Kite offers trendy comfortable school backpacks. Getting ready for school triggers child’s excitement, especially if experienced for the first time. A favorite character on his backpack gives your kid confidence and sense of comfort. The Kite brand partners world-famous The Walt Disney Company, Mattel, Hasbro, FC Juventus, FC Barcelona, Rainbow, Nickelodeon, Sanrio, UDC Licensing so that favorite characters on school backpacks and bags, pencil cases, stationery could inspire boys and girls to dream, study, progress, make friends, and reach their goals.

Kite backpacks for teens and kids are made with ergonomic Ergo Kids, Ergo Teens and Air Comfort backs. The right back, anatomic S-shape straps, inside dividers and breast straps provide backpack’s tight fit to the child’s back, creating a feeling of comfort and lightness. Quality fabrics and accessories help these backpacks preserve neat looks and functionality for quite a long time. Kite backpacks beat others in endurance!

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Preschool backpacks and bags collection. Having tried “grown-up” accessories on, a child can feel more independent and organized. Whether headed to a kindergarten or early child development center, your child will eagerly trust the Kite backpack with his most valuable stuff. And a cherry on top: Kite preschool backpack is just your kid’s another toy, which he won’t want to let go.

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