Kite wallets

A wallet is an attribute of good organization. When randomly stuffed inside bags, jacket pockets and backpacks, the banknotes, coins, credit and discount cards all look scruffy and are hard to find. Today wallets get more and more compartments for credit and discount cards. A wallet is often combined with a document folder or a cell phone case. At the same time, a wallet remains to be a part of the image and can be colorful and nontraditional or modest and business-like.

A child needs a wallet no less than an adult. Lunch money, bus pass, school ID, house or locker keys will all be comfortably packed in Kite wallets. They are made of durable polyester, which has undergone wear and tear tests, is resistant to environmental exposure, doesn’t fade in the sun and will look great many years. Kite has designs for boys and girls. With the wallet a child will feel more grown-up, will learn to be careful and thrifty, and the parents will be sure he is comfortable.