Pencil cases

Kite pencil cases

Quills used to be very valuable and, in order not to lose them, special pouches were invented. Later they transformed into well-known pencil cases. Now they perform a rather similar function, though these days pencil cases are made with modern materials and adjusted not for quills but for pens, markers, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, scissors, glue, correction pens and other pieces of stationery.

Boys and girls usually get their first pencil cases when they start pre-school or first grade. In most cases it is a folding pencil case with straps fixing the contents. Senior pupils and college students also use pencil cases, though of other forms and designs, girls usually use them as cosmetic bags. Thanks to pencil cases writing instruments and other little things don’t get lost or stain the backpack.

The Kite brand offers different types of pencil cases for school, crafts and everyday use. Kite pencil cases for junior pupils are made of durable polyester fiber, have 1 or 2 flaps, strings for fixing stationery, and colorful license images. Favorite characters of Popcorn the Bear, College Line and Rachael Hale make studying and getting things ready for school more pleasant and joyful. Kite license school pencil case collections match the backpacks and footwear drawstring bags designs, so you can collect a whole matching set in your favorite style.

Kite soft pencil cases of various forms will be a good choice for senior students. All materials have undergone wear and tear tests, zippers and sliders work smoothly, the prints do not fade in the sun. Pencil cases and cosmetic bags featuring Prima Maria fairy-tale characters and images of little angels by GAPCHINSKA will be admired by delicate and exquisite ladies. For little and grown up artists Kite offers special pencil cases for brushes made of transparent easy-to-wash material. After your art class you can easily put wet brushes inside such pencil case and they won’t stain your pencil case or your backpack.