Kite Lovely Sophie

A unicorn is a mythical horse with a single horn, colorful mane and long eyelashes. It is a symbol of purity and wisdom. Today this character has become an incredibly popular trend in clothing, accessories, food and beauty industry. Kids, teenagers and even adults love the feeling of festiveness, uniqueness, magic and airiness conveyed by unicorns. Even the world famous Starbucks coffee shop network introduced a Unicorn style “rainbow” Frappuccino into their menu.

Kite also has its own license series with the unicorn called Lovely Sophie. Young dreamers can choose a kid’s backpack, a shoe bag, kid’s umbrella, a pencil case, a notebook, a lunchbox and even a crafts apron with their favorite character’s image. With Lovely Sophie capsule collection, you can choose several trendy accessories at a time all united by your favorite theme and ideally complementing each other.