Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty is a funny white cat with a nose made of button and a bow on the ear. This character comes from Japanese pop culture and has been winning the hearts of kids and adults around the world for over 40 years.

Hello Kitty appeared thanks to the Japanese school supplies, gifts and accessories company named Sanrio. Sharing small and cute gifts makes people happier, according to company’s owner, Sintaro Tsuji. He decided to create a character that would decorate the products made by the company and would become a symbol of joy and friendship. So, in 1974, the famous white cat appeared thanks to Yuko Shimizu, the designer who created her.

The image of Kitty first appeared on greeting cards in Sanrio stores and then this white cat in a red dress was printed on the inexpensive wallet, which was the beginning of Hello Kitty’s worldwide fame. Today Kitty has become an iconic character in the world and her image decorates hundreds of products for children and adults.

Hello Kitty starred in several animated series. She first appeared on screens in the American animated program "Hello Kitty Furry Tale Theater" in 1987. The animated series "The Adventures of Hello Kitty &Friends" was released in 2006 and consisted of 52 episodes. The famous cat has also appeared in books and video games. Sanrio announced about the intention to release a feature film with Hello Kitty in 2019.
Kitty has her own biography. She was born on November 1 in the suburbs of London. Her family consists of her father, mother, grandmother, grandfather and twin sister Mimmi, who has a yellow bow on her right ear. Kitty has a heart of gold and many friends. This adorable cat loves to bake cookies, plays the piano and dreams to become a pianist or poetess one day. She is great at playing music and English and also she can't live without her mother's apple pie.


Hello Kitty appears wearing different clothes and having different looks – delicate, playful, and extraordinary. But whatever she does, Kitty is always bright, friendly and sweet. The main colors of Hello Kitty licensed line are girls' favorites - red, pink, crimson and burgundy. School backpacks, pencil cases, shoe bags, Art class aprons, preschool backpacks and Kite stationery with Hello Kitty images will surely delight little ladies of fashion.