Kids is a line of colourful preschool backpacks and for the youngest kids. Trying an “adult” accessory a child feels independent and more like his parents. Whether headed to the kindergarten or an early childhood development centre, your child will eagerly trust the Kite backpack with the most valuable stuff. Kite preschool backpack in its colourful design will become another favourite toy a child will be happy to play with.


Modern framed, semi-framed and soft Education backpacks give consideration to all peculiarities of being used by schoolchildren. These models are fitted with ergonomic systems Ergo Kids, Ergo Teens or Air Comfort with adjustable properly S-shaped straps. Such structure evenly distributes load across the child’s back and shoulders.

Accommodative compartments, inside dividers and organizers allow arranging all necessary school items in the best way possible. High quality materials and accessories preserve their look and functionality for a long time.

Education teens

Teenage backpacks Education teens combine functionality of a backpack for studying and features of a stylish accessory. These models are characterized by soft forms, orthopaedic backs, smart interior space with organizers, colourful designs for teenage boys and girls age 13 to 17. Versatility of forms, prints and decorations in this line of accessories make it possible for every teenager to choose a stylish backpack to match one’s spirits.