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What is any parent’s goal? Isn’t it to bring up a balanced, successful and happy person? Creative art is on the list in doing so. Drawing and modelling at young age develops fine motor skills, intellectual capabilities and better stimulates aesthetic perception.

There are so many types of creative art. Your kid will show you which one to choose. Try to offer him different options, observing what he likes most. We at Kite will support you in choosing quality and useful creative art products.

Using gouache, the kid will learn to mix paints. Experimenting this way, he will get new colors. The process facilitates early development of speech. Gouaches are easily spread on paper, quick-drying, have vibrant colors and neutral odor. And what is most important, they are made with natural components and are absolutely free from hazardous substances. Finger paints are purposefully made for little children. Painting with them is a game, which helps kids understand the surrounding world, enhances fine hand motor skills and color perception. Gouache and finger paints are easily washable with water and soap.

Kids gets acquainted with water colors quite early. Kite water colors are made of natural components with bee honey. You shouldn’t eat them, of course. But even if your child accidentally puts the brush into his mouth, do not panic. For convenience it’s good to buy a spill-proof cup and an apron for Arts and Crafts. These items are readily available.

In kid’s hands wax modeling clay will eagerly take the shape the kid wants it to, and will preserve it for a long time, because it is well pushed flat and rather yielding while used. Kite modeling clay doesn’t leave greasy stains on the surface or color spots on the hands. Modeling clay is sold in packages or plastic boxes. The multi-colored modeling clay sets with modeling tools are rather comfortable for a child. It is easier to move and carry modeling clay in plastic boxes. They will also help in keeping kid’s room looking neat.

Kite creative art products, packed in bright boxes with the images of favorite characters will help kids play and advance.