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Anything is possible when a reliable helper has your back. With a Kite backpack you can easily explore new horizons, express yourself and pursuit your goals. New Kite collection is already here with a winning combination of care and comfort, top quality durable materials and ultrafashionable designs.

The brand creates stylish urban and sport backpacks for youth, orthopedic school backpacks and stationery with your favorite characters for modern versatile kids. Kite is your best choice for studying, daily routines, active lifestyle and your one-of-a-kind cool image!

Kite. Be original. Be cool.


Kite collection

Kite collection

Kite collection was expanded by new designer lines that combine various types of accessories and stationery. The website offers backpacks for younger school children, backpacks for teenagers, shoe bags, pencil cases, notebooks, lunchboxes, stationery for school as well as arts and crafts products with new prints. You can catch the music wave with BeSound line, be inspired by nature tunes with Botanique collection, feel the magic with Lovely Sophie designs and have fun with charming jolly monsters from Jolliers line for kids! College Line collection created based on elite school uniform.

For stylish and active young generation Kite has developed backpacks with fasteners for skateboards, lightweight urban backpacks and functional sport models. Girls will definitely appreciate the new collection of small-size trendy backpacks made of eco-leather.


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