Brand KITE

Meet the new 2018 Kite Collection

Everybody possesses something original and unique: in appearance, aptitudes, likes, view of life. Our true nature communicates with the world that is around through things and accessories we own. While making Kite products we strive not only for our customers’ comfort and confidence but for freedom of expression. We call on people to value their individuality! To be their real selves, discover their best qualities and quit comparing themselves with others. That’s how a genuinely cool style can appear.

Choose casual or street style, an exquisite or a stylish sport look – Kite will make you original and cool!

Kite’s brand philosophy is in tune with the generation of teens, children and their parents. Orthopedic backpacks for first graders, original Kite backpacks for high school and preschool Kite backpacks are designed colorful and stylish, with the licensed images of Popcorn The Bear, Rachael Hale and more. School stationery and creative activity products are also designed to cultivate child’s individuality, to convey peculiarities and tastes.

We are always on the move, collecting only the hottest trends, shapes, prints and materials – so that you could manifest your genuine self with the original Kite!

Kite. Be original. Be cool.

2018 Kite Backpack Collection