About KITE

KITE is a modern German brand that creates stylish, high-quality backpacks and stationery for schoolchildren and youth.

KITE means high quality

The German brand KITE gives top priority to the quality of its products and dedicates great attention to materials and accessories. Over an 8-year period KITE has been giving its partners the opportunity to represent high-quality popular backpacks and stationary in “middle” and “middle+” price segments. During this time millions of school children have duly appreciated the advantages of KITE trademark products.
KITE means style and functionality

Year over year the KITE trademark designers create new collections of backpacks and stationery. Each model is created individually and is absolutely unique. When the collection is being developed a lot of time is dedicated not only to style, but also to functionality: ergonomic handles, pockets, organizers, light-reflecting elements guarantee consumer’s comfort.
The special flavor of KITE brand is the use of license images that make KITE products so desirable among children and teenagers. Pop Pixie, Popcorn the Bear, Rachael Hale – this is the list of characters and images that appear on KITE products. Every year the list of licenses get supplemented and updated depending upon feedback from customers and fashion trends.
KITE means safety

KITE backpacks are recommended as orthopedic-structured backpacks for school children. KITE backpacks are fitted with patented orthopedic systems Ergo Kids, Ergo Teens, Air Comfort and Comfort Fit. All products are subject to testing and are absolutely safe for children.
KITE is consumer oriented

In order to satisfy our consumers we explore their key demands and requirements for products. To create high-quality and functional stationery we research the latest technologies, thoroughly study and incorporate all children’s preferences. Attractive price of KITE products is quite appealing for parents – for their children they can purchase quality products that will serve for a long time.
Over 8 years KITE products have earned the love of a wide range of customers. If you are not yet familiar with KITE trademark products, we suggest you waste no time to appreciate their benefits. If you already are a KITE brand customer, we thank you for choosing us and we will keep on working to your satisfaction.
KITE – made with love!


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